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Real-site Virtual Tour invites global guests to experience Taipei City Government’s smart city achievements and further strengthen cross-border urban experience-sharing and cooperation, creating more opportunities for international export of Taiwan's industry.

Information Technology in COVID-19 Prevention

Taipei City

Due to the severe global outbreak of COVID-19, the lives of our citizens have been greatly influenced. As the main department in charge of infection control of Taipei City, the Department of Health has faced many new challenges. Taipei City Government would like to share how we improve our effectiveness in infection prevention by adopting information technology.

Taipei City Hospital (Smart Healthcare)

Taipei City

Taipei City Hospital is a full-service, total care medical institution that is prepared to meet the comprehensive healthcare needs of the 2.6 million residents in Taipei. The Taipei City Hospital is the largest healthcare organization in Northern Taiwan.

Taipei City Hospital is dedicated to ensuring the health of all citizens, as well as bringing about improvements in prenatal healthcare, adolescent healthcare, adult care, long term care and care for the elderly. Moreover, we aim to rebuild the public healthcare system in a way that emphasizes preventive medicine, long-term care, rehabilitation, and total care.

It is our goal to align local attitudes toward healthcare with those of other first-world nations and enhance the application of new technology and smart medical tools to medical care.

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