2020 SCSE: Digital Transformation Forming New Businesses

Building smart city as an early deployment in response to the pandemic

The online Smart City Mayors’ Summit, one of the 2020 SCSE highlights, has been held in 3 sessions in August according to different time zones. In total, there were 20 city leaders or representatives engaged in the talks. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je shared how Taipei fights against the pandemic with smart technologies. He positively addressed that the pandemic control within the cities will serve as the turning point for businesses and governments to accelerate their digital transformation. The idea was widely recognized by the participating city leaders, who also agreed that building smart cities is the key to early deployment in face of the pandemic. In the post-pandemic era, the recovery of city economy as well as the construction of resilient cities still depends on smart technology applications.


Prosperity in 5G industry brings global links

In September, three big international forums will take place: World Telecom Smart City Conference, CTalk, and World System Integrator Conference. While 5G networks have been developed in many countries nowadays, Taiwan named 2020 “The Year of 5G”. The Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs launched the nation’s first “5G open framework Internet experimentation platform”, aiming to push Taiwan’s 5G industry forward onto global stage by involving businesses. Through press conferences one by one, telecom operators in Taiwan have expressed their resolution in running 5G business in the future, taking the domestic advantages in ICT for a variety of vertical applications in different fields, and together building up smart cities with 5G network in Taiwan.


Smart City Online as a collaborative platform

The SCSE positions itself as a professional tradeshow featuring IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Over the past six years, it has become a global smart city networking platform, which also offers marketing opportunities for the applications from home and abroad. Organized with other industry associations, sub-expos will be presented along like SHE (Smart Healthcare Expo), IBE (Intelligent Building Expo), SEE (Smart Education Expo), and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System Expo). In the future, the event will drive more collaboration with other organizations in the field of smart manufacturing and smart security, with a view to rolling out an all-inclusive ecosystem for smart cities.

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