World Telecom Smart City Conference Will Engage Global Telecom Leaders

The World Telecom Smart City Conference will take place via livestream broadcast on Sep.10th and Sep. 17th in 4 sessions. The Conference will involve speakers from GSMA, HKT, TM ONE, British Telecom (BT), ARM, DTAC and other giants in the telecom industry. Every year, this Conference has been the highlight of Smart City Summit & Expo, which is the largest smart city event in Asia. The Conference is expected to draw the attention of telecom operators and stakeholders in the smart city industry from all over the world.


Global experts from the ecosystem are invited to share their experience in the construction of smart cities and the future world. Sustainability is a powerful force for positive change in our world, in the meantime, the move to 5G brings diverse set of services and opportunities. In this regard, “Sustainability” and “5G” are set as the main themes this year, covering technology development, innovative services and latest insights from speakers around the world.


By use of intelligent technologies and 5G network, smart cities aim to improve city services and the living experience of residents. Moving forward to sustainable cities is an upward trend in the world, as well as in the telecommunication industry. Taiwan has been devoted to smart city development for years to accumulate extensive experience in building a systematic model to address different pain points in various domains. We will be hearing experiences and thoughts from the global operators, and together shape a smarter world with more livable cities.


The online sessions will be held online in 4 sessions featuring 5G and Sustainability on Sep.10th and Sep. 17th. Please find more info and register via

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