International Networking Won’t Stop: Smart City Mayors’ Summit Sets to Take Place in August

Taipei City will still hold its global networking event on smart city despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Under the lead of Mayor Ko’s, relevant activities have all been transformed digitally, including the Smart City Online, which aims to present Taiwan’s smart city solutions to municipalities or enterprises interested in the field. In addition, the Smart City Mayors’ Summit, a prestigious international event hosted by Taipei City annually, will take place online this August with 3 sessions, each including 6 city leaders from worldwide. Representatives from 21 cities across 18 countries will be invited to the Summit. In the face of the worsening pandemic all over the world, it is a rare opportunity for Taiwan to hold such an international networking event. 

Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE), since its first launch in 2014, has been an internationally renowned event for smart city and IoT (Internet of Things) industry. Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan said that Taipei City joined as the co-organizer and has hosted Mayors’ Summit since 2016. The number of overseas delegations and city leaders escalated every year and hit the record in 2019 with 128 city leaders visiting Taiwan for the SCSE. Taipei City holds this international event under the theme of smart city to support the export of domestic IoT solutions, even creating a new pattern for city diplomacy. 
Mayor Ko stated that before the vaccine enters the market, coronavirus will continue to affect our everyday life, and of course all large activities. In an online version, the event will still be able to stimulate the exchange of smart city experience, carrying on networking among cities. Not only Mayors’ Summit, the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Taipei City, will also turn its Taipei Pavilion as well as real-site demo tours into digital form after multiple discussions with the organizing team from Taipei Computer Association.

DIT pointed out that the online Mayors’ Summit will be hosted by Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan, while Mayor Ko will join the panel discussion under the topic of “ The pandemic of Covid-19 has greatly affected people’s daily lives, governmental operations, and most cities’ economies. How can technology help the cities to recover? ”

Each session will involve 6 city leaders from worldwide. Due to differences in time zone, there will be 1 session for the America region and 2 sessions for Europe and Asia regions. The first session on August 13th will include municipal leaders from Grenoble-Alpes Métropole of France, Prague of Czech Republic, İzmir of Turkey, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough of the UK, Gdynia of Poland, and Russia’s Moscow Agency of Innovations. The second session for the America Region on August 18th will include Split of Croatia, Konya of Turkey, Edinburgh of the UK, Da Nang of Vietnam, Kwinana of Australia, and Palmerston North of New Zealand. Other city representatives and officials could attend by submitting questions online or watching the Livestream. The event is expected to boost the global business via the Summit by sharing Taiwan’s technological experience in fighting against the virus. More information could be found at Smart City Online: 

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