Smart City Summit & Expo Converted as a Hybrid Event in Virtual & Physical

[Taipei] While the coronavirus pandemic is still taking an increasing toll all over the world, in order to keep up the sharing of smart cities’ experience globally, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) has converted 2020 Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) into an online O2O event after 3 months of preparation. Starting from July, this tradeshow will be online for 6 months to display around 1,000 solutions from 450 companies from around the world. During the event, there will be 60 sessions of professional online forums and over 800 business matchmaking sessions. The numbers of both exhibitors and matchmaking sessions hit the record high in the history of SCSE, which welcomes a remarkable digital transformation.

The most comprehensive online database of smart city & IoT solutions (S.C.O.P.E)
Smart City Online Portal Entry (S.C.O.P.E) is established to collect around 1,000 IoT(Internet of Things) solutions from 450 companies globally across fields including smart healthcare, pandemic-prevention, mobility, building, energy-saving, education, manufacturing, security, office management, home applications, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and so on. Each solution is presented with literal labels and animated videos to offer the best experience for the audience.
60 sessions of cross-field online forums (SMART LIVE)
The online forums of Smart City Online have been held since June with different themes each month. The topic has been “Smart Anti-pandemic” in June and July, “Global City Network” in August, “Smart City with 5G Tech” in September, “AI & Innovation Entrepreneurship” in October, “Smart Security” in November, and “Smart Mobility” in December. Over 60 sessions will take place within the second half of the year. After each online forum, the videos will be available for watching on website.
800 online business matchmaking sessions
Through the database collected from the past six years of SCSE, the online shopping guide, and the business matchmaking system for both individuals and groups, TCA continues to connect among cities and industries, creating as more business opportunities as possible for companies.

5G technology is not only the key to facilitating applications in high speed mobile data transmission, but also to developing all scopes in smart city including smart mobility, healthcare, and high-definition livestream. It is the base of telecommunication infrastructure, and the bridge among all smart devices to mobilize all resources on cloud and big data.

The Smart City Development Project Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will conduct 3 sessions of World Telecom Smart City Conference under the September theme of “Smart City with 5G Tech”. The sessions will engage topics such as “Global Trend of 5G in Industry Development”, “Telecom Operators & Business in Vertical Market”, and “Solutions & Innovative Applications”.
Smart City Online: All-in-one event in both virtual & physical form
The event organizer pointed out that the SCSE will come in virtual as an online event in the second half of the year, and as a physical event in March within the first half of the year. The tradeshow, designed as a hybrid, is set to minimize the impact caused by COVID-19 on Taiwan’s export of smart city solutions and our global chain, delivering considerable business opportunities for all exhibitors and participants of Smart City Online.

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