Past editions

2020 Mayors' Summit


17:00 - 17:05


17:05 - 17:10

Welcome Remark by Mayor of Taipei City

17:10 - 17:10

Virtual Photo Session

17:10 - 17:25

Taipei's Pandemic Prevention Plan: Sharing Our Experience by Mayor of Taipei City

17:25 - 18:40

The pandemic of Covid-19 has greatly affected people's daily lives, governmental operations, and most cities' economies. How can technology help the cities to recover?


  • City of Prague, Czech Republic
  • City of Midvaal, South Africa
  • City of Izmir, Turkey
  • Grenoble - Alpes Métropole, France
  • City of Gdynia, Poland
  • City of Budapest, Hungary
  • City of Moscow, Russia


Deputy Mayor of Taipei City
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